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Covering the 42 kilometres, whether on the road or in the hills, is no mean feat and one that many runners challenge themselves for very personal reasons. You may be doing it for charity, for a personal best or part of training for greater distances. It maybe your first or your tenth or maybe even more. Whatever marathon you are on, training for race day or even for a half marathon there is a product designed for you. These products have been designed specifically for eating up those 26.2 miles.

Marathon Clothing & Accessories (88)

Mexico City Running Sunglasses


Wrist Bottle


Split Air-Lite Cap


H20 Bottle - 500ml Fuel Flask With Straw


H20 Bottle - 500ml Fuel Flask


Women's Tech Revive Racer Vest


Men's Tech Revive 5" Short


Neoprene Waist Pack


H20 Bottle - 1.5Ltr Fuel Reservoir