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Committed. Just one word most likely you’ve been described as. It’s a trait runners have to their sport. Dedicated is another. Whatever the weather or conditions there’s an inner passion and drive to get out there and go for a run.

Depending on work and family commitments when we finally get the time to head out it can be after nightfall.

Just the moonlight and some street lamps to light the way it’s easy to get lost in the blur of street furniture, hedgerows and shadows. Add to that rain and the best thing to do is kit yourself out in brighter colours, reflective trims and even some lights. Keep yourself safe and seen by other road users.

A carefully selected range of kit will serve you well throughout the year. These would be a wind resistant jacket, short and long sleeved t-shirts and a choice of legwear options. We’ve added in our popular twin short into the collection with added reflectivity. Also as the day light fades early during the winter months we have a medium weight brushed back running tight, that not only supports and protects your muscles from the elements it feels great next to the skin when its colder outside.

Men's Night Running (3)

Nightrunner Split Cap


Nightrunner Headband


Men's Life Nightrunner Tight