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Keep hydrated with our BPA-free Soft Running bottle that's easy to clean and less fragile than glass; the straw is convenient for keeping up with the action and the cap locks with a simple twist, enabling you to prevent spillage. The flexible design makes it easy to squeeze into your water bottle holder or running belt. Available in various bright colours, our Soft Running Bottles make it easier than ever to stock up on your water requirement for a workout or race day.

Running Bottles (23)

Wrist Bottle


H20 Bottle - 500ml Fuel Flask With Straw


H20 Bottle - 500ml Fuel Flask


H20 Bottle - 1.5Ltr Fuel Reservoir


H20 Bottle - 350ml Fuel Flask


Grip Bottle


H20 Bottle - 250ml Fuel Flask


H20 Bottle - 600ml


Runner's Bottle 300