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Mile after mile after mile. You need kit that is designed for the job, just as much as you’ve dedicated your training to the 26.2 mile running beast.

The marathon is a deeply personal distance. For many it is in solitude despite being surrounded by hundreds of others if not thousands. The distance and the experience brings us together, but the motivation is individual. It maybe for a personal challenge, one to tick off the bucket list, for many its to raise money for others less fortunate and other good causes, for some it maybe a distance that leads onto greater ones. We design and develop kit crafted to make the miles more comfortable and enjoyable. Hopefully allowing you to smile to the crowd, embrace the cheers and push yourself to one of life’s amazing achievements.

Comfort and carrying would a good synopsis of our Marathon collection. Our Marathon Twin Shorts are double-layered for a supportive inner, perfect for your muscles, with a flattering relaxed outer short. The Twin Short features six storage pockets that can carry and hold securely your mobile phone, energy gels, tissues, keys and any other things you want with you. Our Marathon short sleeved t-shirt is made with a seamless construction to minimise chaffing, whilst the knitted design allows for greater ventilation in key body zones. A variety of accessories are available to add to your marathon kit bag. Waist belts are designed to carry gels, key items and even your race number.

Women's Marathon Clothing & Accessories (3)

Women's Tech Marathon Twin Short


Women's Tech Revive Short


Women's Tech Ultra Twin Short