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        Whether you’re up early, running to commute or finished the working day you’ll likely be wanting to get a run into your routine. However at these twilight hours the light is low or it maybe even just you, the stars and the moon. It’s time to consider what kit in your wardrobe is right for these conditions. A perfect choice would be some brighter colours, ideally fluorescents, lots of bright reflectivity and maybe some lights for that added ‘be seen’ touch.

        A carefully curated collection of products will serve you well all year round. For most of us the weather is less than ideal so a wind resistant jacket will be used more often than not, it’s a trust piece of kit. A comfortable mid layer piece, such as a long sleeved tee and a supportive and cozy running tight would complete the outfit. There are also accessories to complement your kit. Reflective armbands and lights to clip onto packs and shoes and lights to loop round your arm all help aid your visibility when the daylight falls.

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