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        You’ve set yourself a goal and now we want to help you achieve it. These goals can be very different. It may be a couch-to-5k, a first race with friends, tackling your 10k PB or a marathon. We’re all united in a common cause to train for these achievements and share in the euphoria of attaining them. A good wardrobe of kit is inevitable as your passion to get out there and no excuses attitude demands it. So braced for the days fitness plan we have curated a collection of products that will support you in that endeavour.

        Lets start with legs. We have a wide variety of leg wear options from the bold and the beautiful to the sleek and dark slimming look. Our Life Sculpt Tight features a mix of colour block and seasonal exclusive printed panels. This is also available in a 7/8ths crop tight version. The Life Seamless Tight is figure hugging, supportive and has a high waist band for a flattering fit. For short lovers we have a number of options from a Unlined Short to wear with our running underwear to double-layer shorts – Life Twin Short and Tech Twin Short.

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